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Root Canals

Most people shudder when they are told they require root canal work, also known as endontics. The first thought is usually how painful the process sounds. They wonder if the solution to their tooth pain will be worse than the problem.

There are a lot of causes for tooth damage, but the solution is to remove the nerve root and pulp. Neither are needed in developed teeth. When a tooth is infected or otherwise damaged, the nerve is exposed; the result is almost constant pain. The procedure to remove the core of the tooth has been made considerably easier, about comparable to a filling, using a device called a rotary endontic file. It was developed 2 decades ago and has revolutionized root canal work, in most circumstances.

In the right hands, like Dr. Estwick’s Rockland County, New York dental practice, root canal procedures are not the once feared, inevitable pain. Why not call us for an appointment? We can turn a anxious visit into a day you can smile about!

Tooth Extractions

Whether it is a child who has a primary tooth that doesn’t want to make room for a permanent one; an adolescent preparing for orthodontics; or an adult who needs to have teeth removed for dentures, extractions can be intimidating. We understand and can help. Our extensive experience in dental extractions gives us an edge in providing the care you need.

Extractions are often needed when teeth are damaged and cannot be repaired. The work can be done using local anesthesia as well as sedation dentistry: if desired and you are a candidate. We also see patients who have periodontal disease, which often causes damage to the teeth.

Our Rockland County, New York dental practice welcomes patients of all ages for an evaluation of their dental condition. Some conditions that appear to warrant extraction may respond to other treatment options.

Call us today to schedule a consultation, and let us help you smile again!

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Pain and Comfort Management

Just because you live in Rockland County, New York, dentistry is no less advanced than a big city. Why go elsewhere? Treatment closer to home is one great advantage. Having a GREAT dentist nearby when you need him, is an even better reason: especially when you are in pain.

We recognize there are 2 major factors that keep people from receiving dental care:

Here at Estwick Dental we understand. That is why we offer several ways to control both. Our staff is experienced in sedation dentistry and pain management.

One of the many ways we do this is with nitrous oxide; commonly known as “laughing gas”. This safe and effective method is popular with patients, who simply breathe in the gas while being monitored. They become completely relaxed into a euphoric state: which means you lose all your fear and anxiety. Once the mask is removed, the sedative effects are gone too.

Before we administer nitrous oxide or any other sedation, patients need to discuss their medical histories with the dentist to determine if they are candidates.

So, why wait? Do not let fear stop you from having a great smile! Give us a call to schedule your appointment. Your days of avoiding good health are over!